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Maintaining Weight Loss Tips Ideal Stay

Published by sini under on 04.35
Ideal body weight is everyone's dream, especially for women. Ideal body weight is also one of the indicators to assess that a person is said to be healthy, because the weight berhungan asuapan directly with nutrition and nutrition for the body.

Excess weight, or commonly known as obesity, will provide ynag impact is not good for health. Various diseases associated with heart and vascular system would be a threat to people who are obese.

Likewise with less weight, will have an impact that is not good also for the health due to the body's nutritional needs are less.

In addition, you also need to know how to tell if your weight is ideal or not included. The trick is to calculate the formula:

Women: Ideal Body Weight (kg) = Height (cm) - 100 ± 15%
Men: Ideal Body Weight (kg) = Height (cm) - 100 ± 10%
(Broca's formula, quoted from the writings of Steven B. Halls (2005)

Or it could be calculated by simple formula commonly used are:
Ideal Body Weight = (Height - 100) - 10% (Height - 100)

Therefore we need to know the importance of maintaining ideal body weight to keep it.
Here are tips on how to maintain weight:

1. Consumption of foods, so that the body needs various nutrients are met.
2.Minum lots of water, at least eight glasses a day and reduce drinking sweets such as syrup, soda, etc..
3. Drink milk, milk does not make low-fat milk gemuk.Segelas 8o contains only calories and at the same protein and calcium needed for bone growth in our adolescence. Compare with the 120 calories from soft drinks contain only crazy without calcium and protein.
4. A time to breakfast, research shows breakfast can make us learn better in school and eat less throughout the day. Conversely breakfast not gain weight because it lowers the body's metabolism to save energy.
5. Exercise regularly in addition to maintaining weight loss, exercise is also good for the growth of strong bones.
6. Do not use diet drugs are indiscriminate.
7. Women lose iron during menstruation. Therefore, during menstrual periods should more closely regulate the content of nutrients consumed.